Mulligan Tape for Patellofemoral Pain

I have always attempted  patellofemoral pain (PFP) symptom modification with taping using only the McConnell method.  However, a recent study in the May 2016 issue of American Journal of Sports Medicine (Study) found that mulligan taping significantly decreased PFP and improved kinematics with decreased femoral internal rotation.  I think this new method of taping can potentially be quite useful for those individuals who do not respond to McConnell taping and whose comparable sign can be elicited with manual tibial external rotation or relieved with manual internal rotation during movement.

The Mulligan taping method involves applying rigid tape with an internal rotation force applied to the tibia.  The tape is wrapped from lateral to the tibial tubercle medially and superiorly above the knee ending on the posterolateral portion of the distal thigh.  Try it out with your patients and let me now if you find any benefit!



Author: Landon Booker, PT, DPT, CSCS

I am a doctor of physical therapy and strength and conditioning specialist practicing in an orthopedic and sports medicine physical therapy clinic in Omaha, Nebraska.

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